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Administration & Configuration

You can implement one of the methods listed below to configure your server for data access:

User Management and Access rights can be summarized as shown below.


User Identity Management

Data Access Rights

Access using individual user identities.

Individual users. Examples: user1/password1, user2/password2

The users list is managed by an organization administrator:

  • Users are maintained in the Hexagon Xalt cloud, which can be accessed through the Xalt web portal.

All users have access to the same data.

Access using Custom connection to Active Directory server.

Active Directory users.

The users list comes directly from the Active directory:

  • LiveView does not require user management.

All users have access to the same data.

Access using OAuth 2.0.

Users associated to an external identity provider such as:

  • Users from the Active directory, Azure AD.

The users list comes from the identity provider:

  • Authentication is delegated to the authentication server.

Option 1: All users have access to the same data.

Option 2: Access is restricted as per permissions in parent tools such as Smart P&ID or Smart Electrical.