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  1. Contact your administrator for your tenant ID.

  2. To use a mobile device:

    1. Open the Google Play store or the Apple App store on your mobile device.

    2. Search for the Xalt|Mobility app, and install it on your device.

    3. Open the app. Type your Tenant ID, and then tap Continue.

  3. To use a web browser:

    1. In a web browser, open the URL

    2. On the log in page, select the Settings option.

    3. Type your Tenant ID, and then tap Continue.

      To view documents, drawings, and reports in LiveView browser applications, ensure that your browser settings do not block popups.

  4. Enter your User ID and Password, and then tap Log In.

  5. From the HxGN LiveView workbench, tap the component to use for your session.