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The information below shows options and items that must be set as you install and configure your LiveView app.

  • The authorization server login web page must be accessible on every user system (if using Oauth for authentication through this server).

  • The Authentication server and Smart API server must be able to communicate back and forth. Port 443 on both servers must be open to support the two-way communication.

  • Port 443 should be open on the Smart API server and the Authentication server for the Xalt Connector Gateway. Port 443 should support sending and receiving web requests and responses from the Smart API and Authentication server.

  • A shared folder must be provided for storing reports in the Instrumentation web API server that should be accessible to the Xalt Connector Gateway. Users running the satellite service must have permissions to access this folder.

  • Set up network accessibility on the Xalt Connector Gateway to the HxGN Xalt Cloud servers. See the Xalt Mobility Getting Started Guide.

  • Port 443 on Authentication server must be open for communication with HxGN Xalt Cloud servers. This allows the Xalt tenant (in Xalt cloud) to establish OAuth connection (if using Oauth for authentication through this server).