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Administration & Configuration
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Check the Compatibility Matrix for the latest versions of the software products used in HxGN LiveView: see Hexagon Support.

  • A standard Identity and Access (authentication) Management software application that supports the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

    Hexagon: Intergraph Smart® API Manager 2019 R1

  • HxGN LiveView - the latest versions of LIveView apps are available for purchase. Only the HxGN Instrumentation LiveView app requires both the Instrumentation desktop and web API applications for data access.

    • HxGN Electrical LiveView:

      Intergraph Smart® Electrical Smart API 2.0

    • HxGN P&ID LiveView:

      Intergraph Smart® P&ID Smart API 2.0

HxGN Instrumentation LiveView:

  • Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation Smart API 2.2

    Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation 13.1

You must obtain public facing SSL certificates for each web application before installation. The Web API server and the authorization service both require SSL certificates.

Hardware devices (LiveView Apps)

  • Mobile phones and tablets that support Android 9.x or later

  • iPhones and iPads that support iOS 12 or later