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Licensing – Do I need a separate license for Web API?

HxGN LiveView uses Intergraph Smart Licensing for obtaining license keys to access the data. Individual product web API licenses are used for each LiveView component. The purchase of HxGN LiveView includes the necessary web API licenses.

Do HxGN LiveView apps work on Windows 10 desktop systems?

Yes. LiveView is supported by a web browser version of Xalt Mobility framework, which works with browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Can I see my Hexagon schematic product data in a Citrix environment with HxGN LiveView?

Yes, HxGN LiveView can display data from the Citrix environment when your Connector Gateway system has been set up accordingly. See details in the "Configure your network" section in the Xalt Mobility Getting Started Guide.

What Hexagon product versions are supported by HxGN LiveView?

Please refer to the compatibility matrix in the PPM Smart Community for the latest information on supported product versions.

Can I customize the application?

No, there is no plan for customization of HxGN LiveView. The component applications are designed so that users can view the most commonly-used data.

How will LiveView function when I upgrade the product or install a hotfix/update?

Upgrading the product or web services will impact LiveView. An upgrade should be requested on LiveView that corresponds with every major version upgrade in the complementary product (such as Smart Instrumentation or Smart P&ID), and with every update in the web services.

Is my data secure?

To ensure security, there are several measures taken by the Xalt platform. For details, refer to the "Security Focus" section in the Xalt Mobility Getting Started Guide.

If I am outside my company network, would I need VPN to obtain the information?

No. The infrastructure of Hexagon Xalt Mobility apps is robust enough to provide a security layer without VPN.

Will I be able to add and edit data using HxGN LiveView?

No, there is no support to add or edit data using HxGN LiveView. This is a view-only tool.

Can I review 3D models with HxGN LiveView?

No. This feature is under consideration.

Will I be able to update project progress values from HxGN LiveView?

No, the HxGN LiveView app is not designed for updating data.

Can I access data across multiple projects or plants within HxGN LiveView?

No. This feature is under consideration.

Can I use a single version of VDS with HxGN LiveView and other Hexagon applications?

No. The installation and usage of VDS is on a per product basis. Do not use the same installation of VDS for two Hexagon product applications.