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You can add Individual user identities in the Hexagon Xalt system for accessing LiveView. You can also deactivate users. This method is useful when all users must access the same set of data. You set up a service account user to establish the connection to the web services. The access rights of this service account user are propagated to all other users.

As an administrator, you can add named users up to a maximum limit as shown below.

  1. To open the tenant, go to where tttttt is the name of your tenant.

  2. Log on as an administrator.

  3. Tap Admin on the title bar, and then tap Organization Administration.

  4. Tap New from Organizations or the User Profiles section, and then enter the following details for the User Profile:

    User ID: user name
    Name: name
    Email address: email
    Phone Number: phone
    Password: password

    Password Expired - Specifies whether the current password should be marked as expired. If the password has expired, the user must change their password the next time they log in. If your authentication service is a data source, this option is disabled (the data source itself manages password expiration for the specified user ID).

    Password Expiration Interval - Specifies how often the user must change their password.

    Organization Administrator - Specifies if the user can administer other users in the same organization.

  5. Save this user profile. If you reach the maximum number of users, Save does not succeed.