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This dialog is inherited from a standard .NET Windows Form and provides a method to select an item from a list of values. It uses the EWSGridDisplayManager component to load the list of values (LOV).

The form is designed to be called using ShowDialog to display as a modal dialog. Clicking OK or double-clicking a line item will set the Selection property to the value for item that is shown selected in the DataGrid and will set the DialogResult property to DialogResult.OK. Clicking Cancel or pressing Esc will set the DialogResult property to DialogResult.Cancel. Note that the value of the DialogResult property is what is returned from the call to ShowDialog.

The section above the list of data provides filtering of the list to a more manageable size. To accomplish this, select the field from the first dropdown, select the appropriate operator from the second dropdown, and then enter a value to compare the field against in the third entry box. Click Apply to cause the list to be filtered.

For more complex filtering, additional filter lines may be added, and the filter lines may be grouped using parentheses. To add more filter lines, click Add Line once for each line desired. For grouping, click on the line to/from which you want to add/remove a parenthesis, and then click on the desired left or right parenthesis button. Filter lines may also be logically compared using AND or OR. This is accomplished by clicking on the AND or OR text between the filter lines to toggle the value.