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The Request for Quotation and Quotations screens provide an HxGN EAM™ user with the ability to record the RFQs sent to their suppliers and to record the quotations received from their suppliers. In addition, users may update supplier catalogs, generate or add items to a purchasing requisition, and generate or add items to a purchasing order. This functionality greatly enhances the existing procurement functionality within HxGN EAM™.

This white paper closely examined how to create an RFQ. It went thru the process of adding suppliers, items, and purchasing clauses to the selected RFQ. The system created quotations to record the pricing information received from suppliers as the RFQ advanced to Sent to Supplier. Pricing information was recorded on the Parts tab of the appropriate quotation and then the quotation status was updated to Received. Once all the quotations were received, items were selected and awarded, and then purchase orders were generated to be issued to the suppliers whose quotations were chosen. This example is intended to illustrate the range of functionality available within HxGN EAM™.