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HxGN EAM Push Notification for Mobile Devices

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The following configuration must be completed before push notification will work:

  • Ensure the MAIL job (Extended Mail Driver) is active on the "Job Setup" screen in HxGN EAM.

  • Create a Push Notification template on "E-Mail Template" screen

    • Create a new E-mail template.

    • Check the "Push Notification" check box.

    • Add an EAM user to receive Push Notifications as a Recipient.

    • Set a Subject and Body to be displayed on the Mobile device.

  • Configure a Notification Trigger on the "E-mail Notification Setup" screen

    • Select a Table to trigger the notification and pick the previously created E-Mail Template.

    • Define the parameters and conditions if needed.

    • Mark the Notification Trigger as Active.