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REST supported entities are provided through Swagger, but the same is not true of OData services. To obtain the list of supported entities for OData, use the Service Document URL as shown below; this is the GET operation.

URL: https://<Server>:<Port>/axis/odataservices


Accessing OData services

To access respective Get and Get Collection, the URLs are as follows:

Get Collection: https://<Server>:<Port>/axis/odataservices/<EntityName>

Get: https://<Server>:<Port>/axis/odataservices/<EntityName>(KEY1=’VALUE1’,KEY2=’VALUE2’)

  • <EntityName>: This value should be obtained from the Service Document under the “url” attribute for the respective entity.

  • <KEY1,KEY2,KEY3>: These are key schema elements for the respective entity. Information about key elements is available in the Metadata document. The number of keys may vary and is dependent on the entity.

For example, in the Metadata for Lots, the <Key> element contains details about the key properties. In this case, the <Key> element includes properties such as LOTCODE and ORGANIZATIONCODE.

Accessing OData services 2