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For the equipment structure to be properly displayed in the Level fields on the Notebook screen, the equipment must belong to a specific class.

On the Classes screen, there is a dropdown called Notebook Definition, which is visible only if the equipment entity is selected. This dropdown can be used to associate the class to the appropriate Level on the Notebook screen.

Depending on any of the levels selected above, filling in the class for the equipment will make the equipment appear on the appropriate level lookup on the Notebook screen.

For this example, there have been five different classes created, each representing one of the above levels. Class ‘ONE’ has notebook definition Level 1, Class ‘TWO’ has notebook definition Level 2 and so on.

Multiple classes can have the same notebook definition. Once these classes have been associated with an equipment record, its association to a level cannot be changed on the Classes screen.

Before discussing the equipment screen, it is important to know the structure interaction between the levels. On the Notebook screen, this is how the levels interact with each other.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3A

Level 3

Level 4

Level 2 is a child of Level 1

Level 3A and Level 3 are children of Level 1 – Level 2

Level 4 is a child of Level 3

Given this structure, it is best to set up the structure on the equipment Structure tab.

On the Equipment screen, there have been multiple equipment records created and the Structure tab has been constructed as follows:

While assets are shown for examples, the user can use positions or systems as well in any combination. The above example shows how the hierarchy, wherein in the asset DIV belongs to class ‘ONE;’ asset LIN belongs to class ‘TWO’ and so on. The asset TRC 1 belongs to class ‘THREE A’. To put that in perspective of the structure discussed above:






The AST1 is a child of the lowest level of equipment in the tree, which is STN.