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This section lists some known limitations and considerations for the GIS Map View screen features and functionality, including:

  • An Equipment list is not currently available in the Map View. If the user requires additional information about a specific equipment item, it is expected that they would select (touch) the feature on the map to view equipment information.

  • The Work Order filter runs against a pre-determined list of fields only.

  • The Work Order icon and highlight color, and the Equipment/feature highlight color are not currently configurable in EAM Mobile for Transit.

  • The Work Order list does not include any user-specified sorting capabilities.

  • Although HxGN EAM Mobile for Transit will upload/download map data during the auto-sync process, the Map View screen will not be automatically refreshed if the user is on the screen when auto-sync is executed. If the user is not on the Map View screen when the auto-sync is executed, the application will display the newest files the next time that the Map View screen is opened.

  • This document has been prepared for HxGN EAM Mobile for Transit 11.5.1. For details on supported ArcGIS software versions, see the HxGN EAMâ„¢ 11.5.1 Product Family Hardware & Software Requirements Guide.