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EAM Mobile for Transit users can access the Nonconformity functionality in one of two ways:

  1. From the Work Order List within the Map View screen; or

  2. From the View/Add Nonconformity button in the GIS Feature Attributes callout for a selected feature in the Map View.

If a user clicks the View/Add Nonconformity button from the Work Order List, the application will zoom/pan to the feature and remove all other icons, callouts and the Work Order List from the screen. Existing Nonconformities for the equipment will be shown through the Nonconformity pin layer.

The user will be able to view the existing nonconformity records at a specific location by tapping the icon in the Nonconformity pin layer. This will allow the user to open a list view of Nonconformity records at the right of the Map View, with each nonconformity record having the ability to be explored individually.

To begin adding a nonconformity record, the user will press the Add Nonconformity button.

If the mobile device does not have Find my Location enabled, the user will need to long-press on the map to add a new nonconformity. If the device does have Find my Location enabled, then the Add New Nonconformity popup will appear immediately when the user presses the Add Nonconformity button.