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When the user clicks the View/Add Nonconformity button for a selected feature from the EAM Equipment Attributes callout panel; the application will remove all icons, callouts and popups from the Map View screen and will zoom to the feature. The application will display an icon showing the location of all existing nonconformities for the selected feature, and a numeric indicator to indicate the number of nonconformities at that location as multiple nonconformities may exist at the same location.

In this state, the application will also display an Add Nonconformity button to the Map View. If the user presses the Add Nonconformity button with Find my Location enabled, the Add New Conformity popup will appear. If Find my Location is not enabled, the user will need to invoke the Add New Conformity popup by long-pressing on the map.

The user then can add a new Nonconformity by selecting the appropriate Nonconformity type, entering additional details and/or comments and then pressing Save button.

Note: When creating a linear nonconformity (for linear features), the interface will allow the user to select both the starting point and the ending point of the nonconformity along the feature.