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Beginning in EAM Mobile for Transit 11.5, a user can choose to display a map in a connected (i.e. online) mode. With this option, the EAM Mobile for Transit user can display available map(s) dynamically if an internet connection exists; and does not necessarily need to download map(s) to the mobile device. If displayed in online mode, the EAM Mobile for Transit application will make a real time call to the user organization’s ArcGIS Portal/ArcGIS Server to access feature and tiled basemap service(s). Any GIS features or attributes that are updated or created within the EAM Mobile for Transit application will be immediately posted to the geodatabase immediately and no data sync will be required from the application.

To enable a map to be displayed through online mode in EAM Mobile for Transit, the mobile application user must ensure the ‘Offline’ switch for the corresponding map record in the Map Configurations screen is set to OFF (grey). This ‘Offline’ switch triggers the ability of the user to interact with the map in fully connected (online) mode while an internet connection exists. It is noted that the EAM Mobile for Transit user alone determines the mode (online or disconnected) of access of each specific map – this functionality is not dependent on any configuration within the EAM desktop application. All map record(s) within the base EAM system with the ‘Mobile Only’ checkbox selected can be accessed through the EAM Mobile for Transit application in either connected or disconnected mode, subject to availability of an internet connection.

As previously, the user may choose to mark a map record for display as the default map in the Map View, by sliding the Default switch to the right (green). After any edits are made to each map record if so desired (i.e. modifying map extent or layers), the user will click Continue on the Map Configuration screen (for initial sync) or perform a normal Sync Data operation if the initial sync has already been performed by the user.

The Map View screen will then open displaying either the map flagged as the user’s ‘Default’ map, or a Change Map prompt to allow the user to choose which map to display in the Map View screen should no map record be flagged as a default map. Alternatively, should the user desire at any point to change the map displayed in the Map View screen to show any other available map, they can invoke the Change Map option available from the Settings icon in the Map View Screen.

Should a user wish to change from accessing a map through the connected (online) mode to then access the same map record through the disconnected mode (i.e. the user knows they will be moving into an area of poor wi-fi/cellular data coverage); the user must return to the Map Configurations screen and modify setting of the ‘Offline’ switch in the corresponding map record is set to be ON (green). After doing so, the user will proceed as detailed in the following section, Disconnected Mode.