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HxGN EAM Mobile Offline OIDC Configuration

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A QR code is required to enter the Single Sign On configuration information for the HxGN EAM Mobile Offline app. The QR Code can be generated on "QR Codes Setup" screen on EAM server.

QR Code contains the following information:

  • Organization

  • Tenant

  • Server URL

  • Include OIDC

For QR Code used for Single Sign On, Include OIDC check box must be checked. QR Code includes following 4 values from SSO Configuration screen on EAM server.

  • Client ID (Client ID assigned by IdP)

  • Token Endpoint Mobile (Refer to token_endpoint in OIDC Discovery metadata)

  • Authentication Endpoint (Refer to authorization_endpoint in OIDC Discovery metadata)

  • End Session Endpoint (Refer to end_session_endpoint in OIDC Discovery metadata)

In the HxGN EAM Mobile Offline app, scan the QR code from the Login Setup screen.

QR Codes Setup for Configuration