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HxGN EAM Mobile Apps Release Notes for 12.1

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HxGN EAM Version

The following enhancements have been made to existing features within the application.

Work Orders

  • Safety –

    • Extended Hazard and Precaution description fields to accept up to 255 characters.

  • Checklist –

    • Added Follow-up Group lookup and Defer Follow-up check box – Follow-up Group and Defer Follow-up are included as additional options when a checklist line is marked for follow-up. This will allow for grouping of work orders created from follow-up as well as giving users the ability to create a deferred maintenance record from a follow-up request.

    • Support for Dynamic Checklist Conditions – Dynamic Checklists will allow a user to not answer all checklist lines if the line is within specified criteria. This will clean up the entire checklist line and provide further efficiency by eliminating unnecessary tasks when the checklist line is within acceptable ranges.

      Dynamic Checklist will not work in older Checklist modules, i.e., those enabled for enhanced planning. All Checklist lines will display and the system will ignore any dynamic checklist condition.

  • Nonconformities –

    • Added From Point and To Point fields

  • Work Requests –

    • Added Request Start Date

  • Support for Work Flows related to Work Order (entity EVNT)