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HxGN EAM Mobile Apps Release Notes for 12.1

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GIS enhancements

Support for ArcGIS Online: Support was added to the Map View screen of the Digital Work app to support display and interacting with ArcGIS Online hosted content, such as ArcGIS Online hosted feature layers. Users will now be able to specify a portal Item ID for an ArcGIS Online hosted feature layer as a valid value for the MOBGMAP install parameter, as an alternative to an ArcGIS Server-hosted feature service URL. ArcGIS Online hosted basemap layers will also be supported.

Work Orders | Equipment: Ability to display a map highlighting all equipment on this tab that is integrated to ESRI's GIS. A simplified Map View screen will be displayed allowing the user to view the locations of each equipment on the map. The number of equipment on this tab that is integrated to ESRI's GIS will be displayed by the link. The user can close the Map View to return to the Equipment tab of the Work Order screen.

Other Base EAM enhancements affecting Digital Work

Screen Designer for Digital Work – Multiple changes have been made to the screen designer for Digital Work screen:

Users can now save the layout to multiple user groups simultaneously, using the Available Group(s) and Save to Group(s) list boxes. The field names have been changed to Screen and Card to reflect how they are being called in Digital Work.

A new Save Layout button has been added to this screen to replace the Save Toolbar button. The Copy from Group field has been moved to the top of the screen for ease of use.