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HxGN EAM Integration for EAM Constraint Optimizer

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This integration is available for cloud deployments only. Access to these features is granted by the cloud operations team during their provisioning process and not a CD key.

The integration between two products, HxGN EAM and Constraint Optimizer, easily and automatically supports activity assignment and route planning. It determines the best schedule solution based on resource and activity constraints, such as qualifications, calculated priority, travel distance, and shift availability. It uses EAM data such as work order activities, crews, shifts, vehicles, and skills sent automatically on a pre-scheduled basis to the Constraint Optimizer. Through the OS Scheduler dispatching algorithm, the Constraint Optimizer matches crew skills with those required by the activities, then considers crew available hours, work order priority and driving distance to determine the optimal dispatching plan, including the sequence in which the activities should be performed, for all the organizations crews for the day.

In other words, all those manual decisions are made for you. After the solution is determined, the Constraint Optimizer sends it back to EAM where the appropriate dispatching records are created.

In terms of integration with the Constraint Optimizer (OS), it has two parts: one EJCron driver and a rest web service. The EJCron gathers EAM Information to send to Constraint Optimizer to process. The REST webservice allows Constraint Optimizer to call to post dispatches solutions to EAM.

Constraint optimizer relationship to EAM