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  • The shift is optional. However, the requirement is that either all agents have shifts or none of them has shifts. If some agents have shift and some don’t, an error will come from Constraint Optimizer and the system will update the optimized scheduler setup record with the error. The scheduler setup will be marked as Completed.

  • The shift is gathered from either shift employee or shift crew table of shift screen. The Days tab is used to determine shift start time and duration.

Once all the information is gathered, it will be sent to the Constraint Optimizer along with a call back URL for EAM. The URL will be constructed based on the server installation. The Constraint Optimizer will update the request with a status of "In Progress".

In case EAM encountered some Constraint Optimizer issues, such as a timeout or the server being down, and the status has been kept for more than one hour, the Scheduler will rerun.