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  • The key Work Order Activity Information will have work order/activity, calculated priority, GPS location (Latitude and Longitude), hours remaining, people required, and qualifications for the work order activity.

  • The system will get latitude and longitude of the WO as follows. It will first look to see if the Location X and Location Y fields (OBJ_XLOCATION and OBJ_YLOCATION) are populated, in other words GIS integration is being used. If so, these fields will be used. If these are not populated, then it will use X Coordinate and Y Coordinate (OBJ_XCOORDINATE and OBJ_YCOORDINATE).

  • GIS location is required. Activities without GIS locations will be excluded from the request.

  • If there are no valid activities in the activity dataspy, the request will not be processed. Instead, this error message will be logged into the optimized scheduler setup record and the schedule will be marked as complete: "There are no work order activities, with locations, to be sent to the Constraint Optimizer."