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HxGN EAM Integration for EAM Constraint Optimizer

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During deployment, the cloud operations team must perform several tasks to ensure the two integrated applications communicate properly.

These tasks include:

  1. Registering the Constraint Optimizer server URL and API key with EAM. Set these values during the installation and deployment process.

  2. Registering EAM tenant with Constraint Optimizer. Constraint Optimizer requires all tenants that access Constraint Optimizer to be preregistered, otherwise the request is rejected.

  3. Setting the EAM installation parameter OPTMSCHL value to YES to enable the optimizer. The default value NO, disables the optimizer.

    This parameter can be used to prevent increasing the optimizer workload unnecessarily. The value is set when the tenant is provisioned based on licensing by cloud team. Customers are not able to modify the installation parameter value.

  4. Setting the OTIMEOUT installation parameter. The default value is 180. This defines the time out value, in minutes, for the Constraint Optimizer to find an optimal solution.

If any of these steps are omitted, or the Constraint Optimizer server is down when the EAM job attempts to process records into the Constraint Optimizer, an error is shown on the relevant Optimized Scheduler Setup record explaining that EAM was unable to connect to the Constraint Optimizer.