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The web service is a PUT web service. It performs the following actions:

  1. Once a solution is received by this web service, it will construct another regular EAM web service to call wo dispatch web service MP5797_AddDispatchEvent_001 to create the dispatch.

  2. DATABRIDGEINTERNALUSER will used to call MP5797_AddDispatchEvent_001 web service.

  3. The web service completes these actions:

    1. Deletes existing dispatches.

    2. Creates new dispatches based on the solutions.

    3. After successfully creating new dispatch records for an activity, it clears existing Optimized Scheduler dispatch errors for the same activity, such as if an error occurred the previous time the OS was run for this activity but this time it succeeded.

    4. Updates work order activities with errors if no solution for the activities.

    5. Updates activities assigned status.

    6. Updates Constraint Optimizer with status of Completed.