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HxGN EAM Facilities Edition-ION CE Integration

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Administration & Configuration
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  1. In EAM, go to the Databridge Partner Screen and activate the ION partner. Partner record view

  2. Specify this information:

  • Partnerid: the FULL logical id of the partner created in ION.

  • HxGN EAM User ID and HxGN EAM Password: the user ID and password for a user that has access to HMS with connector rights and access to all properties that are part of integration.

  • Address: the jdbc address for the database. For example, jdbc:sqlserver://EAM2012-DB:1433;DatabaseName=EAMCSFACILITY

  • Login ID and Login Password: the database user and password to connect to the schema setup on the address field.

  1. Go to Databridge Partner > Subscriptions to enable Events as required. Partner subscription