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  1. Log in to HxGN EAM as R5 (or another user that is a member of the R5 User Group).

  2. On the Install Parameter screen, ensure these CDKEYs are populated:







  3. Go to Administration > System Configuration > Configuration Manager – Import Screen. Import screen

  4. Click the Import Configuration tab.

  5. Click Browse and select the file.

  6. Click View File Contents. Close the popup after the contents of the file are displayed.

  7. Click Import.

  8. Go to the Status tab to review the progress of the file import. The status of the import will start as "Submitted." The first stage of the import involves loading the contents of the file into a table on the database. During this phase, the status will change to "Downloading." Once the import begins, the status will change to "Started."

  9. When the status changes to "Finished," open the Status popup to confirm that each step is completed.

  10. Verify the completion of the configuration. If one or more of these errors are received, they can be ignored:

    1. Messages regarding the IONAPICK, IONAPISK, IONAPIUF, IMSCKEY, and IMSSKEY install parameters.

    2. Messages regarding the function code of BSRPST, which is no longer in use.

    3. Messages regarding the function code OCOBJW, this is used by Mobile, and it indicates the Mobile scripts have not been applied to this environment.

  11. Copy 010Configuration.xls, 020Status Authorizations.xlsx, 030FuelCommodityGHGases.xls, and 050KPIInBoxGroups.xls files from the Configuration Excel Files folder to the <HxGNEAMImportUtility>\Upload folder.

  12. Double-click on the ImportUtility.exe file in the <HxGNEAMImportUtility> folder. The Import Utility will open.

  13. If you are not directed to the Settings screen, click the Settings button. Connection parameters

  14. Specify this HxGN EAM information:

  • Service Address: URL for the HxGN EAM web service, e.g.,

  • Username: HxGN EAM user that has access to all functions in EAM (typically a system admin or R5)

  • Password: Enter the password of the user selected above

  • Tenant: Enter the tenant name of HxGN EAM used in the URL for HTML access

  • Org: Enter ‘*’

  • Click Test and ensure you get all success messages.

  • EAM Upload Parameters:

    1. Input Folder: This is the folder where you copy the excel files to be imported.

    2. Failed Folder: This is the folder where the Import Utility will copy files that fail to upload successfully.

    3. Passed Folder: This is the folder where the Import Utility will copy files that upload successfully.

      Import utility

  1. Click OK.

  2. The main Import Utility page will be displayed along with the files in the upload folder.

  3. Click Start to begin the import.

  4. Once the import has succeeded, you will have all configuration data in your HxGN EAM system. Log in as R5 and validate the information as below. For a full list and details refer to the HxGN EAM Facilities Edition White Paper.

    1. New Groups Created

      1. Asset Reservation Manager (ARMG)

      2. Call Center Manager (CMGR)

      3. Call Center Personnel (CPER)

      4. Contractor (CNTR)

      5. Facility Executive (FEXC)

      6. Facility Inspector (FINP)

      7. Facility Manager (FMGR)

      8. MRO Buyer (MBUY)

      9. Space Planner (SPLN)

      10. Store Room Personnel (SROM)

      11. Technician (TECH)

      12. Utility Specialist (USPL)

    2. New Equipment Screens Created

      1. Campuses

      2. Buildings

      3. Floors

      4. Rooms

      5. Boilers

      6. Chillers

      7. Cooling Towers

      8. Pumps

      9. Air Handling Equipment

      10. Packaged Units

      11. Exterior Lighting

      12. Computers

      13. Vehicles

      14. Fire extinguishers

    3. New Inbox created

      1. CFI0001 to CFI0025

    4. New KPI created

      1. CFK001 to CFK0018

    5. New System Codes created for Work Orders, Call Center

    6. New Flex Business Rules

Several Flexible Business Rules are provided to support workflow processes and ease of use in the HxGN EAM Facility. Great care is also taken in compiling these flexible business rules. Changes will need to be made to a business rule if configuration data was altered or the workflow does not fit customer requirements.

These flexible business rules are provided:

  • When a new user is created copy Inbox, KPI, and Chart data to the user’s Start Center based on the selected User Group of that user.

    • Table R5USERS

    • Insert trigger

    • Sequence 10

NOTE: This flex can be disabled if you use the improved KPI and Inbox tabs on the User Group screens. Populating the Sequence field will enable those KPI and Inbox items to automatically be added to new users.

  • Call Center record with an estimated cost of over 3000 will require the Equipment to be entered.


    • Insert and Update trigger

    • Sequence 10

  • Create capital planning request if Estimated Costs on the Call Center record >= 3000.


    • Insert and Update trigger

    • Sequence 30