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The decision whether to purchase new equipment or to continue with existing equipment is complex and extensive. The decision involves the evaluation of the capital costs of acquisition and installation versus the higher maintenance cost and energy costs of retention. Carbon emission is an ever-increasing factor in these decisions.

The objective of Equipment Evaluations is to develop a side-by-side comparison of prospective equipment with existing equipment. Planned and unplanned maintenance costs are the basic comparison factors. Additionally, if the existing equipment is GAS Tracked, then energy costs and carbon emissions costs may be included in the evaluation.

In this document, you will find the steps required to describe prospective equipment and to enter the selection criteria that are used to identify existing equipment for comparison purposes. You will also learn how to select matching equipment for cost analysis. Finally, the selected existing equipment will be contrasted with the prospective equipment, cost comparisons are displayed, and a Capital Planning Request may be created if there is a compelling value proposition.