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HxGN EAM Dispatch Feedback Notification

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  • It is NOT necessary to provide specific permissions for this screen, and as already stated, it cannot be added to a menu.

  • The Dispatch Feedback screen cannot be minimized so the user can work with other screens in Digital Work and then come back. The user must either cancel the notification or submit feedback.

  • Screen design capability is NOT available for this screen.

  • The user will only be allowed to update the estimated completion time, not the date. The date component is fixed based on the estimated completion date/time calculated when the screen is opened and cannot be changed. The user can always indicate a different date in the Note field if necessary.

  • The user must be using Advanced Mobile or Field Work to receive and respond to a dispatch feedback notification. The dispatch feedback driver will NOT send dispatch feedback notifications to users who are not using 1 of these apps.

  • Activity Note in the WO Activity Details section will dynamically grow up to 4 rows to display longer text; therefore, some text may be truncated if the maximum length of Activity Note value is entered (i.e., 4000 characters).

  • The E-Mail Viewer can be used to view success or failure for dispatch feedback notifications, as is the case with normal push notifications.