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HxGN EAM Data Lake Integration from Hexagon Cloud

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To ensure the transmission of table data to Infor Data Lake is uninterrupted, in the interim, post migration to the Hexagon cloud, HxGN EAM includes the install parameter DLAUTH (by default set to OAuth1). The Data Lake utility is configured to use the value of DLAUTH for data publication using IMS (Infor Message Service).

Currently, the IMS service is available for public access from a non-Infor network using OAuth1 authorization (not using API gateway), and the default value of DLAUTH supports this integration of HxGN EAM with Infor OS.

In the future, the current IMS service will not be available for public access from non-Infor networks, and this could disrupt the integration. To mitigate this risk long term, it is recommended to switch access to IMS via API Gateway at the earliest opportunity as outlined in this document.

The switch requires that the tenants carry out the following tasks:

  1. Switch the value of Install Parameter DLAUTH to OAuth2

  2. Creating Connection points in Infor OS

  3. Creating Dataflow in Infor OS