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Service account details are required to enable external applications like the HxGN EAM and HxGN DLU to access Infor API gateway services for Data Lake integration. While the service account needs to be created, the client ID is system generated by the gateway and is available in the downloaded .ionapi file.

  1. Create a service account for the user who will run the integration in the User Management > Manage > Service Accounts section under User Menu in Infor OS.

  2. Add a new service account by clicking the + button, then select the username and click Save.

    Creating service account details 1

  3. In the Download Service Account Credentials pop-up, click DOWNLOAD to download the service account information (.csv file) which will be used later in the ION Configuration.

    We recommend first creating a user not associated with an individual person and then creating a service account for that user.

    Creating service account details 2

    Creating service account details 3