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The dataflow entity creates the necessary link between the connection point and Data Lake. The following steps will create and configure a dataflow element in ION.

  1. Select Connections > Dataflow, and then click the Add button.

    Creating dataflow in Infor OS 1

  2. Select Data Lake Flow in the pop-up.

  3. Specify information in the required fields and add application and ingest icons to the flow. Click on the application and add the connection point created in the previous steps.

    Creating dataflow in Infor OS 2

  4. Click on the documents to be added to the flow.

    The documents should be added to the connection points first to be available for selection in this task.

    Creating dataflow in Infor OS 3

  5. Save the workflow and then activate the dataflow. This completes the integration configuration tasks.

    Creating dataflow in Infor OS 4