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Feature Briefs
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  1. Ensure the Generate WOs check box is selected.

  2. Populate required grid parameters WO Org. and Generate Through Days. These are like the Organization and Generate Through parameter values on the Generate WOs screen; however, instead of entering a date to generate through, the number of days from the system date for which to generate work orders should be entered.

  3. Indicate the alert user defined grid field that holds the date through which work orders should be created. This is only necessary for the two duplicate-based alerts. The alert needs an actual date through which to generate. The grid calculates this date by adding the Generate Through Days grid parameter value to the system date. This field is pre-populated for the delivered alerts.

  4. Verify that records exist in the Preview Grid popup of the alert. Notice that for duplicate grids, each record does NOT represent a work order. That is because each duplicate grid record can generate multiple work orders depending on the Generate Through value. The non-duplicate grid, however, contains a work order number and therefore, each record in the grid will generate a single work order in the system.

  5. Activate the alert, populate the Next Evaluation Date, and click Save.