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Update EcoSys License File

EcoSys 8.8 and prior versions only support named user licensing which grants access to a limited number of specific/named users. Starting with version 9.0, concurrent licensing is also supported (in addition to named user) which allows users to lease an available license upon login that will be returned to the pool upon logout or session expiration. As such, a new EcoSys FMLicense.properties license file is required for use with versions 9.0+ even if concurrent licensing is not being utilized. To request a new license file that is compatible with versions 9.0+, email epp90compatiblelicenserequest.ecosys.ppm@hexagon.com. Once it is received, replace the existing FMLicense.properties file in the ESFM_HOME directory with the new 9.0+ compatible license file.

Update EcoSys Logging

EcoSys 8.8 and prior versions use Log4j for logging which utilizes a log4j.properties file to configure the settings such as log file names, locations, and sizes. Starting with version 9.0, EcoSys uses Log4j2 which instead utilizes a log4j2.xml file to configure the settings.

If SAML authentication is being used, the commented-out sections in the EcoSys log4j2.xml file for SAML must be uncommented and the log file paths in this file might need corrections.

EcoSys provides a tool to convert the log4j.properties to a log4j2.xml file.

  1. Copy the alt\tools\ecosys-install-utils-log4jmigrator.jar to the c:\EcoSys\ directory

  2. Open a command window and go to the c:\EcoSys\ directory.

  3. Run java -jar ecosys-install-utils-log4jmigrator.jar <path-to-ESFM_HOME>

    Example: java -jar ecosys-install-utils-log4jmigrator.jar C:\EcoSys\ESFM_HOME

    Java must be on the system path.

  4. Once complete, verify the log4j2.xml file in the ESFM_HOME directory for proper file paths, log settings, and roll over sizes.

Update Tomcat

  1. Remove the log4j-1.2.17.jar from the Tomcat \lib directory.