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Use the following steps to update the EcoSys web application on the JBoss application server.

  1. Stop the application server.

  2. Delete the following folders:

    • <APP_SERVER_HOME>\standalone\tmp

    • <APP_SERVER__HOME>\standalone\data

  3. Make a backup of the following folders:

    • <APP_SERVER_HOME>\modules\com

    • <APP_SERVER_HOME>\oracle

    • <APP_SERVER_HOME>\primavera

  4. Navigate to the C:\EcoSys\alt\deploy\ folder, and extract and merge the new overlay .zip file to the root folder of the application server.

    • For Oracle databases, use the file esfm-jboss-wildfly-overlay-ora.zip

    • For MSSQL databases, use the file esfm-jboss-wildfly-overlay-sql.zip

  5. Copy the correct database JDBC driver into the correct folder in the application server

    • For Oracle databases copy the file ojdbc6.jar to the com\ecosys\jdbc\main folder

    • For MSSQL databases, copy the file sqljdbc4.jar to com\ecosys\jdbc\main folder

  6. If this is the first time upgrading to EcoSys 7.7 or greater, update the <APP_SERVER_HOME>\standalone\configuration\standalone.xml file. Locate the line to change below and update the entry as described. Remove any old driver entries that are not used.

    • For Oracle databases:

      • Change <driver name="ojdbc6" module="oracle.jdbc.6"/> to <driver name=" ojdbc6" module="com.ecosys.jdbc">.

      • Remove any <driver></driver> sections for ojdbc5 and sqljdbc.

    • For MSSQL database:

      • Change <driver name="sqljdbc" module="com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc"> to <driver name="sqljdbc" module="com.ecosys.jdbc">.

      • Remove any <driver></driver> sections for ojdbc5 and ojdbc6.

  7. If using Primavera P6, re-deploy the module by following the steps in the EcoSys Primavera P6 Adapter Installation Guide.

  8. Replace the ecosys.war file in the <APP_SERVER_HOME>\standalone\deployments folder with the ecosys.war file in the \deploy folder of the EcoSys installation/upgrade package.

  9. Start the application server.