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Guidelines for Selecting between Oracle and SQL Server

Both Oracle and SQL Server are fully supported for running EcoSys, including in high data volume and high concurrent user load deployments. Many factors influence in to the the database platform, including the existing investment and expertise around managing one platform over another.

Other factors being equal, Oracle is the preferred platform for VLDB, enterprise level deployments (large number of users, HA, large amount of data) for the following reasons:

  • Provides better table partitioning facilities.

  • Runs effectively on larger hardware, including UNIX, Solaris, and Linux.

  • Provides more mature support for materialized views and query rewriting for query optimization.

  • Supports active-active clustering technology for High Availability.

  • Supports both horizontal and vertical scalability.

Storage Recommendations (RAID, I/O Latency)

  • A dedicated LUN configured with RAID1+0 is recommended for optimal performance and assure against disk failure.

  • If configuring the entire database to reside on RAID1+0 disk is not an option, we recommend placing files that are subjected to high reads/writes on storage with RAID 1+0 configuration. These files include temp table spaces, redo logs and control files.

  • Optimal storage latency should not exceed 10ms on a consistent basis.