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EcoSys supports load balancing with the following requirements:

  1. The load balancer must be configured for sticky sessions.

  2. There must not be an artificial HTTP timeout enforced for connections between the load balancer and application instances.

Front End Web Servers

For production environments, you can configure a front-end web server to use in conjunction with the application server, often when a load balancer is being used.

For EcoSys, there is no significant value in using an extra web layer as there is not much static content. Most of the content is data driven and generated dynamically. Moreover, most of application servers include a very robust web server to handle web requests.

However, certain application servers. such as WebSphere, recommend using a front-end web server between the load balancer and the application server. This configuration also provides an extra layer of security because you can place the application server layer behind a firewall.

If you elect to include a web server layer, make sure HTTP sessions are bound to a single application instance.