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EcoSys Primavera P6 Adapter Installation

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Installation & Upgrade
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  1. Stop the service

  2. Delete the following files from the \modules\com\primavera\main folder:

    • intgserver-wrapper.jar

    • module.xml

  3. From the EcoSys installation media, unzip the \EcoSys\alt\deploy\esfm-jboss-overlay-<db>.zip file to the \modules\com\primavera\main folder.

  4. Copy all of the Primavera API.jar files from the P6 Integration API \lib directory to the \modules\com\primavera\main folder.

  5. For P6 Versions 18.8 and below, modify the \modules\com\primavera\main\module.xml and add <resource-root path="log4j-api-2.17.1.jar"/> under the <resources> tag.

  6. Start the service.

  7. Skip to the section Testing the P6 API within EcoSys.

For P6 18.8, use the files from the P6 17.12 templates folder.

For P6 21.12, the template directory only has the module.xml file. Copy the all jar files from the P6 20.12 directory into the 21.12 directory to build the template. Do not copy the module.xml file from the 20.12 directory.