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EcoSys Performance Tuning Requirements

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  • EcoSys production database is recommended to run on dedicated hardware with no other databases sharing the same hardware.

  • Set the Redo Log size to a minimum of 200MB.

  • Oracle data files and control files should be on fast disk with minimum of 10ms latency.

    • Disk drives with 10k IOPS are recommended.

  • Implement Oracle parameter recommendations per specific version

    • Execute the set_db_params script of the Oracle database version from \EcoSys\database\oracle\setup directory. For example, if using Oracle 12.2, execute the fm_or_12_2_set_db_params.sql script and then restart the database.

  • Update database statistics.

    • Execute the script \EcoSys\database\oracle\utils\fm_or_job_update_stats.sql located on the installation media.

    • This script should be run as frequent as possible especially if a large amount of records are deleted/inserted.