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Oracle Primavera P6 Connector

The P6 Connector is the out-of-the-box solution for integrating Oracle Primavera P6 with EcoSys. It runs on top of the EcoSys Connect platform which provides features for scheduling jobs, on-demand execution, enterprise logging, configurability and job statistics for easy maintenance.

The out-of-the-box functionality of the P6 Connector is configured to provide default functionality that will satisfy most standard use cases for integrating EcoSys with P6.

It is also possible to customize and modify the integration jobs to accommodate requirements not satisfied by the default configuration, such as specifying filter criteria or including additional custom fields or codes. This is possible through the unique capabilities of the EcoSys Connect platform which allows the integration jobs to be modified without writing any code.

The P6 Connector utilizes the Primavera web services API, ensuring that all data moved between systems respects the business rules and data integrity standards of Primavera P6.

The following are key integration flows supported by the EcoSys Primavera adapter. Typically, any one customer uses only a subset of the available features, based on their business process requirements. Each P6 Adapter integration action can be configured to run automatically or on-demand from the EcoSys GUI.

Import to EcoSys from Oracle Primavera P6 - Subject Areas:

  • Projects/WBS

  • Activities

  • Relationships

  • Activity Steps

  • Constraints

  • Resources

  • Dates

  • % Complete

  • Expenses

  • Time-phased Resource Assignments (Actuals & Forecasts)

    • Units (BL, actuals, planned, remaining)

    • Costs (BL, actuals, planned, remaining)

    • Resource Assignment attributes

    • Corresponding Activity attributes

  • P6 Enterprise Data

    • Project Codes

    • Resource Codes

    • Roles

    • Activity Codes

    • Cost Accounts

    • EPS

    • Unit of Measure

  • Export from EcoSys to Oracle Primavera P6 - Subject Areas:

    • Projects/WBS

    • P6 Enterprise Data

      • Project Codes

      • Resource Codes

      • Activity Codes

There is a license fee for the Primavera P6 API Connector.

SAP ERP Adapter

EcoSys is SAP certified for integration with SAP Applications. The EcoSys ERP Adapter enables EcoSys to interact with specific SAP Modules (PS, PM, MM, CO, CATS) using EcoSys Operations (using EcoSys SOAP Web Services). You can configure EcoSys Operations to run automatically on a schedule or on demand from the EcoSys GUI.

Integration is performed with SAP using SAP JCo, utilizing SAP BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interfaces). There is no installation of custom components required in the SAP system. Different integration and mapping rules can be established for different business areas, departments, project types, etc.

Data can be exchanged bi-directionally between EcoSys and SAP for the following common subject areas:

Import to EcoSys from SAP - Subject Areas:

  • Project and WBS Structure

  • Networks, Network Activities, Activity Elements, Work Orders

  • Actual Costs, Revenue, Budgets

  • Commitments, Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions

  • CATS Timesheets

  • Planned Costs and Revenue

  • Forecast Costs

Export from EcoSys to SAP - Subject Areas:

  • Project and WBS Structure, WBS Status

  • Networks, Network Activities

  • Forecast Costs by Version

There is a license fee for the SAP API Adapter.