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Batch processing

The EcoSys batch processing library will eventually be deprecated. EcoSys recommends using EcoSys Connect or the EcoSys web services API for these functions.

Many EcoSys functions can be executed in command-line mode, outside of the EcoSys GUI to be run automatically via a scheduler or on demand from the EcoSys GUI.

EcoSys supports batch processing for the following functions:

  • EcoSys API/Gateway Processes

  • Spreadsheet Imports

  • Actions

  • Action Batches

  • Report Batches

  • Bulk Operations

  • Closeouts

  • Primavera Adapter Imports/Exports

  • SAP Adapter External Operations

Execute Command actions

Execute Command action types have the ability to execute and send arguments/parameters to a batch process that resides on the application server. This gives a user the flexibility to execute procedures, programs, interfaces and batch operations on demand directly from the application. All information including errors and warnings can be configured to be logged to the EcoSys Batch Job Log or specific log files for review.

With the introduction of EcoSys Connect, most use cases of Execute Commands can be accomplished using the new “Connect Job” Action Type to enable workflow automation of integrations. However, there are still some integration use cases where Execute Commands can be used, such as when executing external programs.