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EcoSys Integration Methods


Refer to the table below to assist with a quick assessment of the appropriate integration approach, based on a clients’ requirements.



When to Consider This Option

Implementation Considerations

EcoSys Web Services API (REST or SOAP)

Bi-directional integration with any system via one-way or point-to-point custom programming, middle-ware, flat files or database tables

Environment requires web services programming to access data, need detailed error checking/logging, requires transformation/logic applied to data upon import/export.

More time required to write/implement custom program. Most flexible option for performing integrations. Ideally in-house programming expertise exists.

EcoSys Gateway (REST)

Bi-directional integration with any system via staging tables or flat files.

Data is available via flat files on shared drive or via database tables on local or remote database.

Imports can be performed via files or tables, but can only export to files. Quickest integration method to set up. Medium error checking/logging options. No real-time transformation or custom logic available. Run using batch/script files.

Spreadsheet/File Import/Export

For low volume import of data in Excel spreadsheets or tab delimited file formats, or for GUI-based exports

One off or intermittent small volume imports/exports are required.

Automation for imports can be implemented for Excel spreadsheet or tab delimited files only. Exports can be achieved via GUI in many formats. For automation, batch processing set up needs to be performed.