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Oracle Database Prerequisites

  1. EcoSys is supported on the WE8MSWIN1252 and AL32UTF8 character sets.

  2. Execute the set_db_params script that matches the Oracle database version in use from the …\EcoSys\database\oracle\setup directory.

    For example, if using Oracle 19c Release 2, execute the fm_or_19_set_db_params.sql script and then restart the database.

Setting Up the Oracle Database

All scripts in this section should be executed as SYSTEM or a DBA privileged user. Helpful information can be found at the top of the database scripts.

  1. Create a general-purpose database called ecosys.

  2. Edit the ...\EcoSys\database\oracle\setup\fm_or_create_users_and_tablespaces.sql script:

    1. If the database server’s operating system is UNIX, comment out the Windows "create tablespace" blocks and uncomment the UNIX blocks.

    2. Change the .dbf datafile locations in the uncommented "create tablespace" blocks accordingly. Do not change the names of the files.

    3. If a non-default password will be used for the “fmadmin” or "fmuser" login, modify the corresponding portion of the script that creates the logins and passwords.

  3. Execute the fm_or_create_users_and_tablespaces.sql script.

  4. Import the EcoSys Standard Products Database .dmp file.

    For example:
    impdp user/password@ecosys DIRECTORY=DATA_PUMP_DIR DUMPFILE= FILENAME.DMP table_exists_action=replace logfile=impfull.log schemas=fmadmin,fmuser

  5. Execute the ...\EcoSys\database\oracle\utils\fm_or_job_update_stats.sql script as SYSTEM or a DBA privileged user. For additional information on this script, refer to Updating EcoSys Database Statistics section. When Ecosys is installed, the backup file name includes full version name including the date

The default schema is 'fmadmin'. If this is changed, the following line must be added to the file:


For example, if the schema name is ‘ecosysadmin’