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This section describes the prerequisite steps for installing EcoSys. Use this as a pre-install checklist before initiating the installation process. These steps must be completed and confirmed before the scheduled installation.

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Prerequisite Steps

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Confirm the infrastructure is using supported platforms and versions. Refer to the EcoSys Supported Platforms.

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Confirm the EcoSys Server Sizing Recommendations are in place.

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The EcoSys release package and the EcoSys Standard Products Database backup file should be downloaded and reachable from the application, database, and interface server (if applicable).

The EcoSys Standard Products backup file name includes full version name including the date. For example, EcoSys EC<Standard Product version><EcoSys version><Database platform and version>.zip. The <EcoSys version> is the minimum version of EcoSys that the backup will be compatible with.

To use the backup file with a later version of EcoSys, refer to Determining the Database Upgrade Path and Upgrading the Database sections of the EcoSys Upgrade Guide to determine which database upgrade scripts need to be run after it is restored, if any.

The database file is database platform specific. Oracle backups can be used for all Oracle versions whereas SQL Server backups are version specific.

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The EcoSys application license ( should be reachable from the application server, and interface server (if applicable).

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The installation requires a system administrator with admin-level access to application servers and a database administrator with DBA access to the database servers.

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Confirm that the settings applicable are implemented from the

EcoSys Performance Tuning Requirements

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(Optional) Review applicable integration guides for pre-requisites and requirements: EcoSys Connect Help, EcoSys P6 Connector Help, EcoSys Primavera P6 Adapter Installation and/or EcoSys SAP Adapter Help