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EcoSys Connect Installation and Configuration

Installation & Upgrade

Follow the steps below, before setting up Connect Components:

  1. Login to the Linux host.

  2. Install Docker on the host that you intend to deploy Connect Components on using

  3. Create docker group and add your user to it using the commands below:

    1. $ sudo groupadd docker

    2. $ sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

  4. Logout and log back into your host.

  5. Test your docker installation by executing the command 'docker run hello-world'. The following message is displayed:

    Hello from Docker!

    This message indicates that your installation is working correctly.

  6. Copy EcosysConnect Build zip distribution to the folder on the Connect server. For example, ‘/home/user/Staging’

    User is the username you logged in through.

  7. Unzip the zip distribution to get the folder structure: /home/user/Staging/EcoSys Connect 1.0 <date>/EcoSysConnect

  8. Change your working directory to /home/user/Staging/EcoSys Connect 1.0 <date>/EcoSysConnect

  9. Provide permission to file by running the command below:

    chmod +x

  10. Run ./ and then follow the 5 steps in the next section to configure and deploy Connect Components.