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The script will configure velero into the existing cluster and create a backup Azure Resource Group and Azure Storage Account to store the Velero backups.
To setup the backup.

  1. Go to the installer/aks directory

  2. Edit the file and customize the Velero settings




    The resource group used to store velero backups. If this does not exist, it will be created. This should be a different resource group than the cluster resource group to provide redundancy.

    Default = $RESOURCE_GROUP-backup


    The name of the Storage Account Container that will be used to store backups.

    Default = $CLUSTER_NAME-backup


    The CRON Expression used to schedule backups.

    Default = 0 7 * * *
    This is daily at 7 AM


    The # of hours the backup will be saved by Velero.

    Default = 720h0m0s

  3. Install Velero into the cluster by running ‘./’

  4. When the script completes, the following message is displayed.

  5. Run the following command to ensure that Velero pod is started, run ‘kubectl get pods -n velero’

  6. The installation of Velero also creates an initial backup. To see all backups, run ‘velero backup get’. This will list all backups, their statuses, and retention policies.

  7. Additional backups will be taken based on the ‘VELERO_SCHEDULE_CRON_EXPR’. To create a backup manually, run ‘velero backup create <name>’