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Before using this feature, Configuration Tags must be created and assigned to the required configuration object.

The following objects can be tagged to be utilized with the Configuration Migration utility:

  • Action

  • Action Batch

  • Category Type

  • Chart

  • Custom Field

  • Custom Time Period

  • Custom Time Period Type

  • Dynamic Subject Area

  • Form

  • Formula

  • Menu

  • Mobile App

  • Mobile View

  • Report

  • Report Batch

  • Screen Layout

  • Spreadsheet

  • Task Type

  • Version

  • Version Type

  • Visual Workflow

Follow the steps below to create/review tags and apply tags to objects.

  1. Navigate to Enterprise Data > Maintain Configuration Element Tags.

  2. From the top panel, click the + button to insert a new.

  3. Enter the preferred Tag Name and click SAVE to create new tags.

    You can also add notes in the Notes field to explain the purpose of the Tag. This screen can also be utilized to review and edit all existing tags.

  4. Click the Configuration Tag Element and under the Tag Assignments, select the checkbox for the Tag column to apply the tag for each object.

  5. Click SAVE.