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This feature is planned for January 2024 availability with the update.

EAM Databridge Pro is the next generation of EAM Databridge, delivering advanced capabilities for data integration and movement between EAM and external applications. Databridge Pro utilizes components both inside and outside of the EAM application and provides the ability to build and manage customized data pipelines streamline endpoint connections and usage; simplifying the troubleshooting process by offering insights into the complete EAM message journey.

Databridge Pro is built upon three components:

  • Dataflow Studio – A no-code, graphical interface to build and configure customized data flows between EAM and enterprise applications.

  • Endpoint Catalog – A centralized registry to create and manage application connections for data integrations, such as REST APIs or SFTP file storage.

  • 360 Transaction View – An insight to what occurs to a Databridge document message outside of the EAM application. This view integrates data events from Dataflow Studio into a comprehensible flow, extending visibility and accessibility not available before.