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This feature is planned for January 2024 availability to on-premise customers with the update.

On-premise EAM customers now have the ability to purchase Tech Studio with access to Cloud-based Tech Studio within their specific AWS region. On-premise EAM customers must purchase Tech Studio which must be provisioned for use within the Hexagon Cloud. Tech Studio can be accessed by EAM customers using the on-premise endpoints, API Keys, and tokens.

Tech Studio components includes:

  • Constraint Optimizer – An activity dispatch scheduling tool which allocates work activities for dispatch to crews and individuals in the field.

  • Python Studio – A web-based interactive development environment, powered by JupyterLab. It provides flexible building blocks for interactive, exploratory computing in Python at any stage of Python authoring.

  • Python Framework – Offers end-to-end functionality for full-scale Python scripting with EAM Python Framework.