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Release Notes/Bulletin

Version 3.0.0

Updated Documentation Delivery

The documentation is now hosted on the Hexagon Documentation site, where you can find the latest documentation for your products. If you are unable to connect to the Internet to access this site, you can see an offline version where DC3 is installed.

The documentation site supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Safari 9.1

Added support for Group Policy to deploy DTU scripts

DTU can be deployed via Group Policy, by creating a policy for all computers in an Active Directory group to pull DTU from a location defined in the policy.

Additional information is collected in the heartbeat file

Metadata is captured in the heartbeat file so you can verify the device is communicating with its parent device, and that what is being run and when it is being run is expected. This allows for more security, insight, and visibility into what is happening on the endpoints.

Improve first time setup process

You can now bulk import Devices and DataOwners as well as the Root Device during the first time setup to streamline the setup and configuration of DC3. You no longer need to configure a user account as DC3 uses Network Service and Local System as default accounts.

Device import functionality allows for direct import from Active Directory query

You can now query your active directory, organize the output, and directly import devices into DC3 in bulk using a CSV file to minimize the time and complexity of configuring your deployment.

DataOwners can now be imported via CSV file

You can import a CSV version of your Asset Hierarchy template to bulk import your list of DataOwners.

Transfer settings can now be applied to multiple devices

You can create a set of transfer settings using Transfer Configurations that can be applied to multiple devices to help in configuring your deployments.

Added ability to configure packaging options

You can configure packaging options such as On Schedule, On File Found, or On File Modified so your extracted data is packaged in the best way to support the asset model being deployed as well as your architecture.

Updated DC3 UI to support DTU Group Policy deployment

The deployment diagram has been updated to show you the properties of your Devices and Data Sources, the status of your transfers, which devices were added automatically through Group Policy Deployment, and allow you to quickly modify nodes so that your diagram is an actual visual representation of your deployment.