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When a learning admin adds a learning module to a qualification, they can choose how learners complete that learning module. Regardless of the learning mode selected, learners have the ability to add notes and attachments (for example, photos) to any statement or step within the content. These notes are only visible to the learner.

The learning admin can choose one ore more of the following learning modes:

  • Training: The learner is required to review the content of the learning module in detail, including any training notes that might be included. You can require the learner to acknowledge each step or the content as a whole, essentially certifying that they understand the content.

  • Quiz: The learner completes a quiz and, if configured, the learner might have to achieve a minimum score to pass. If the admin applies a minimum passing score, the learner can retake the quiz until the minimum score is achieved. Note : This learning mode is only available if quiz content was built into the content unit in AcceleratorKMS.

  • Assessment: The learner triggers an assessment when they initiate a learning module in Assessment mode. The trainer can join the assessment from the email notification or from their dashboard. While the learner performs each step, the trainer marks each step with YesNo, or NA to indicate whether the step was performed successfully. The trainer can also include written comments that the learner can later refer to. When the learner completes the assessment, the trainer must evaluate the learner's performance as either Competent or Unsuccessful . The learner has access to their evaluation. If the learner is unsuccessful, they must retake the assessment and the trainer reevaluates them.

  • Simulated completion: The learner replicates the completion of a procedure in AcceleratorKMS, much like they would in the field. The learner can complete all steps regardless of role. For example, if a learning module has steps for Console Operator and Field Operator and the learner is a Field Operator, they can also complete the Console Operator steps.

  • Review with trainer: After the learner completes a qualification pathway, they're encouraged to discuss the modules with their trainer.