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If a task is ready to be completed and you have the correct role, assign it to yourself.

Before you begin

  • Requires a user account with a role that is applicable to the task being assigned.

  • When workflows are designed with tasks, roles are identified for each task. Only users with the identified roles can be assigned to a task.

About this task

Tasks can be created and left unassigned. If there is a time when you are available to complete a task that is currently unassigned, you can assign it to yourself. AcceleratorKMS automatically filters the tasks and shows only those tasks that you can complete, based on your role.


  1. On the menu, navigate to View and click My tasks.

    SHARED Tip The Tasks window opens and displays the tasks assigned to you.

  2. Click Unassigned.

  3. Navigate to the task you want to assign and click Assign to me.


The task is assigned to you and appears on your Tasks page.